Something Fishy Going On

Recently I’ve been trying to be more conscious of what I’m putting in my body and the ethical implications of my meal choices. So in researching these things and talking to some of my friends who are much further down the path than I am I discovered something shocking.

Not all wine is vegetarian/vegan. A lot of wines and other alcohols aren’t.

I’m completely serious. You could be sitting there right now drinking wine that was clarified using fish bladder (isinglass). Now I contacted a few wineries that I love to find out if they use fish bladder and one actually responded telling me that it was the tried and true traditional method and that is just how they did things. I absorbed that information, crafted an empathetic response, and then vomited sarcasm at them. I might have mentioned that in medicine they used to use leeches as their traditional method to treat everything and then they learned there were other options and did better.

Now for some of you this isn’t a big deal, you’re fine with this. You have also probably put Hawaiian Punch in your 1-year old’s sippy cup and you probably enjoy Coors Light and Franzia. Not saying those things are wrong, just saying that we won’t always care about the same things when it comes to what we drink.

Personally, the idea of drinking fish piss isn’t really appealing to me. Unfortunately, the alcohol industry doesn’t have to list when it uses animal products. They really don’t have to tell us much about what they use in any part of their process. Luckily for us the internet exists for this reason.

If you want to find out if the alcohol you know and love is vegan (no animal products) just check out the website below! The company checks to see who is searched and if they don’t have them listed they will reach out to the company and find out.

While I’m not doing a tasting per say I would light to do a spotlight on a local distillery that I feel deserves a little fanfare. This distillery is run by a husband and wife duo, parents raising their children with a love of all things nerdy. The distillery has trivia nights, costume parties, theme parties, and a mule club. This distillery is located in Corning, NY. They are Four Fights Distilling. Check out their website or visit them in person!


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