Happy New Year!

Hello again readers! My resolution is to start posting more regularly. To all the planners of the household, we survived the holidays. Pour yourself a drink, soak into a bubble bath, and cheers yourself for biting your tongue through all of the passive aggressive comments that relative you hate made through the holidays while eating your food, drinking your booze, and pawing at your child. Next to me right now I have a glass of champagne bubbling away as my son is taking his nap. It’s a good feeling.

If your social media feed is anything like mine it’s full of people making new years resolutions (and possibly filled with a bunch of Bills fans excited because their team made it to the wild card round of the playoffs for the first time since 99). Unlike many of these people I’m not making a resolution to lose a bunch of weight or change in any real way because that just sets me up for failure. Also I’m a Vikings fan so my team making it into the playoffs isn’t anything new, we actually have a bye this week because we are actually in the playoffs, not the wild card round. Instead of making big goals and setting yourself up for failure I like making little goals every week or so. This week my goal is to clean out my cupboards.

Today I am drinking champagne because it’s the new year and I’m celebrating the fact that I survived another year.

What: Great Western American Champagne Brut
Origin: Near Hammondsport, New York.
Year: Not listed
Taste: It is fermented in the bottle which can present a bit more of a yeast taste than you may be prepared for if you don’t drink a lot of real champagne. It is dry and full of bubbles. Personally while I love bubbles right now all I keep thinking is this could really be turned into a mimosa and be delicious. It’s good but now what I want to drink if I’m drinking bubbles. I might be a bubbly rookie but I prefer less yeast flavor in my bubbles, I want it to be crisp, clean, and delicious.
Fun Fact: Pleasant Valley Wine Company (where the bubbly is from) boasts the designation of U.S. Bonded Winery No. 1 and according to the label it is the first American champagne to win a major European competition.

I’m also going to be giving you little things every week you should look into for improving your life in little ways. Little improvements throughout the year are way better than big improvements once a year.

My little improvement was actually an item I received for Christmas that everyone should have in their home. It’s a guacamole saver. This thing is amazing. You put the guacamole in it, push it up to the top, and bam! All of your guacamole is saved and now you can have taco night one night and devour the leftover guacamole the next day without it being brown and gross. This means you can do guacamole in bulk without fear!!! Whole new worlds are opening up for me now… I think I’ll go eat some leftover guacamole.

Follow the link below for your own Guacamole Saver!



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