Holidays, Comfort, and Wine

So we are officially headed into Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate, I like them all). This is my first season of Elf on the Shelf. My son is only 18 months old so I really don’t have to do anything this year other than move the elf around a bit but it’s good practice for next year when I actually have to put in effort.  Ugh I hate effort.

If you are anything like me you are celebrating the fact that you survived Thanksgiving which may have involved family members (or in-laws) that give you so much anxiety that you would rather crawl through broken glass than deal with them. But we have survived that and now get to enjoy a brief respite before the anxiety of dealing with them at Christmas creeps back in. I mean honestly, if you don’t end up having a nervous breakdown because you can’t sleep and you’ve stopped taking care of yourself because all of your energy is going into taking care of your children and trying to mentally prepare for every horrible moment of dealing with those people that bring nothing but misery to your life, is it even the holidays?

It is in those moments of breaking down that we need to find the things that bring us comfort and joy. Bubble baths, face masks, a good book, a Netflix binge, wine, or long walks in Target with your toddler.

There are certain wines that I always find are my comfort wines. The ones I know are just good, not a fancy “I’m going to pair this” with anything wines. Just good, “I want a wine that I can drink and enjoy without paying attention to the wine” type of wine.

The Wine: DaVinci Chiati
Type: Chianti
Origin: Italy
Pairs well with: Sitting on the couch trying to decompress while binge watching Mindhunter and scaring your husband with the many serial killer “fun facts” that you know.

This isn’t a mouth puckering tannic wine. It just drinks easy. It’s dry without being pretentious and it’s still soft enough that someone who doesn’t drink a lot of red wine would still enjoy it.

This is a great wine to drink on a week night with a friend or alone with your cat as they judge you for drinking alone on a Tuesday. Screw you cat, you get to sleep 18 hours a day and be floofy and adorable. Some of us have to go be an adult and deal with people.

At my local liquor store you can find it for $9.99 in the Italy section which makes it an ideal bottle of comfort wine.

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