Since my last post a lot of life has happened. I was very moved by all the support and encouragement I received for sharing my struggles. Mental health is just as important as physical health but frequently mental illness is not treated with the same compassion as physical illness. If you know someone in your life that struggles with mental illness make an effort to let them know that while you may not always understand what they are going through, you’re always there for them. I am feeling more like myself most days but unfortunately alcohol and I haven’t had much time to mingle lately.

September was a busy month for me. It started out with Brian and I’s wedding anniversary, year #2 cotton. I usually out gift him and this year I was sure I had him until I opened my card and inside were 2 tickets to Hamilton on Broadway on my birthday. Now this was a combo gift, I also turned 30 in September and these were my birthday gift as well as my anniversary gift. The other part of my gift was that I got to plan the weekend. We drove in to the city which allowed me the opportunity to go to the Pandorica Restaurant, a whovian destination that absolutely wowed me. The atmosphere, the décor, the being asked who my favorite doctor was so they could play an episode of theirs. While 9 was my first doctor and 10 is my favorite we ultimately opted to go with 12 because apparently not so many people request Capaldi and the server was excited to have some variety. I blame the writers and Clara for the lack of Capaldi love.

We arrived in the city during the hotels wine hour (we would have arrived early but someone didn’t put the correct address in his gps), then after wine hour we went to McGee’s which is the restaurant that MacLarens on How I Met Your Mother is based on. The drinks were good, the GM was drunk and hanging out at the bar. Both he and the bartender had thick Irish accents, things were good until I went to the bathroom and then I came out and he was talking politics. According to the GM my husband and I must watch only CNN based on our opinions of the current administration. We don’t, we rely on PBS, Vox, AP, and other less or non-biased sources, but those who put their faith solely in Fox News think everything else is liberal propaganda. After his love sonnet to the current administration and his continued harassment wanting to know why I’m a democrat, we left. I don’t care who you support, as a GM you probably shouldn’t harass customers. We had some slices of pizza at a little hole in the wall and then went to times square where we were convinced to go to a comedy show. We were pretty sure we were going to get murdered as we went down little side streets to find this place. The show was good, the drinks that accompanied the 2-drink minimum were not.

The next morning, we went to brunch and had bottomless mimosas then wandered around, got our souvenirs, and then got ready for the show. Wine hour and dinner were over in a flash and then we stood in line to get in. Oh my goodness, the seats were incredible, the show was hands down the best musical I’ve ever seen. The ensemble is so involved, the choreography is enthralling, the cast was engaging, and the gentlemen that played Hamilton and Burr were perfect. When we attended the show, our Burr was Daniel Breaker, if you have watched Shrek the Musical on Netflix you’ll see him playing Donkey. Our Hamilton was played by Jevon McFerrin and he embodied Hamilton so perfectly I lack the words for it. He was just phenomenal. I smiled to the point that my face started to hurt for the majority of the first act, there are a few points during it that are very moving and you can’t help but tear up a bit. I cried so much during the second act that I genuinely regret attempting to do any eye makeup, rookie mistake. So often in life I find myself building something up in my head to the point that it’s impossible for anything to live up to it. Hamilton exceeded even my wildest dreams of how wonderful the show would be. I fangirled hard after the show, touching the stage just because so many amazing actors have graced that stage with their presence. Then after the show some of the cast (including Jevon McFerrin) came out to sign autographs and take pictures with everyone. They are all so genuinely nice and sincere as they pose for selfies and sign autographs for fans. These people perform 8 shows a week and still deliver these amazing performances and show such love toward their fans. It was incredibly moving to have this experience on my birthday.

I’ll get in to more of September on my next post but I feel this is a good place to leave off and share some pictures of the trip. I don’t have a wine for you with this post but I will do my best to start doing wine reviews again soon.


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