Selling vs Being an Asshole

I’d like to start by telling you a little story of what inspired this post. I accepted a Facebook friend request from someone I wasn’t sure that I knew. Now I work at a car dealership and my husband and I are social creatures, so it’s not unusual to receive a friend request that I don’t immediately recognize only to realize it was someone I met at a wedding or a barbecue. We had several mutual friends and so I said well let’s just go ahead and accept, I can always delete her later. Fast forward to this morning when I get a Facebook message from her and have the following conversation.

Her: “Hi! Thanks for accepting my friend request. Saw you pop up under my suggested friends and we had a lot of mutual friends so figured I would reach out! I recently became an online health and fitness coach? Are you on your own health & fitness journey?”

Now admittedly I should have told her yes I was but I have a toddler so I was only half paying attention and read it as are you interested in joining a health & fitness journey. Unfortunately I said, “Not at this time” instead of telling her to bugger off.

Her: “Hi! Well if you are interested I help other women and we have a challenge group starting Monday. We focus on 30 minute workouts from home. We focus on easy meal planning with a nutrient dense shake a day I love for energy and cravings! The group has some awesome women that help support and hold each other accountable. We share recipes and fitness tips. Let me know if it is something you would be interested in starting and I would love to send you more info on details/costs.”

And here we have the no research on my profile sales pitch. Had she done a cursory glance and my profile other than seeing an overweight woman with a toddler she would have also noticed a few posts about shakeology and my love of putting peanut butter in my shakes. She also might have noticed that I’m not complaining about my weight on my page. I am very familiar with the steps of making a sale and quite frankly she failed them all spectacularly. She failed to properly introduce herself as anything but a copy and paste Facebook version of a spam call. She failed to investigate her potential sale, if she had she would have noticed I’m not who she should try to sell. She failed to make a connection, I didn’t believe for one second she was interested in anything but pawing at my wallet. She might as well have said hey, I don’t know you but you’re obviously overweight, buy my shit.

Instead of wooing me she pissed me off and offended me. Am I back to my pre-baby weight and fitness level? Nope. Are my priorities and life completely different than they were pre-baby? 100% yes. Do I need some stranger that obviously knows nothing about my life and doesn’t give a flying f about me trying to paw at my wallet? NO.

Now I know women who do beachbody and shakeology and they are fantastic women. I fear this woman is putting people off to consultants and coaches, the women I know are nothing like her. They push themselves and are truly bad ass and awe inspiring. The two I am closest with have never made me feel pressured to buy or like they were hungry for my wallet. I truly hope every person they have sold to knows how lucky they are to have them as coaches. They are genuine and kind, they would never make someone feel the way I do tonight.  This brings us to the real reason you’re here, we’re drinking.

The wine we are drinking tonight is La Pinot.

La Pinot is a pinot noir from Santa Lucia Highlands in California.

Year: 2013

Pairs well with the blind rage that fills you like only a cold call/spam bot/telemarketer can cause. Also salty starches like fries or chips.

When I first tasted the wine it was like time travel. Instantly I was back to the first time I ever tasted a dry red wine. It opens up more and you get ripe berry notes, very ripe berries. The tannins are noticeable but not aggressive. Overall I’d say this is a very drinkable wine for anyone that enjoys reds but not something I would get for just myself. Personally it’s a bit too fruity but I prefer very earthy reds. This would be good for a person that enjoys reds but isn’t specific about what reds they like or dislike. It would also be good as a wine served at a dinner or holiday. Its drinkable without being sweet, and tannic without being aggressively so. It’s also drinkable for people who think they like a sweeter red wine but actually like the fruit forward and haven’t learned the difference yet; I’m here for you my chickens. Momma will guide you.

The back label states it is good for upping your Netflix and chill game and it should be drank while listening to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. You may occasionally hear me discuss a wine club I am a member to, this wine came from a wine club called Wine Awesomeness. I find their wines to be a bit hit or miss, they cater to a wide group so their wines tend to be a bit fruitier than I like but occasionally they deliver a really good earthy red. If you ever have any questions about wine clubs don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m quite opinionated.


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