Fair warning, I’m several days late with this post because life.

Parenting is strange balancing act of the best feelings and some sucky feelings. It is the best worst job in the world. We took our son to a baseball field to run around last Sunday and it was wonderful just watching him toddle around with his arms up in the air and his beautiful blonde curls bouncing around. He’s not perfectly graceful at 14 months but he needs to go full speed and he makes a little ooooooooo grunting sound as he runs. We took him to the field because he lasted all of 30 minutes at a baby shower before he started shrieking an ear drum shattering sound because he couldn’t get into everything and go everywhere (like the roof or down a flight of stairs or in the garbage). See, balance.  Monday we ended up at the ER because of a daycare virus or teething or a combination of the two joined forces to get his fever up to 105. That night and the entire next day he barely slept and ate no solids. But he ran around playing and chatting and pushing a rubber ducky around on his ride-on push plane. Despite being miserable with illness and pain, he was sweet and wonderful and kind to his toys. Although he did try to kiss the cat by eating her face. Again, balance.

Balance is the theme of this post. As with anything else in life, what you drink needs to have the right balance with not only your mood and current needs, but with the atmosphere you are in at the time. While you may enjoy champagne, it’s probably not appropriate to drink it at a funeral unless it’s more of a celebration of life type thing (or you’re pretending it’s a celebration of life and you secretly hated that person). You may not wish to drink a bone dry red wine if you’re at an outdoor barbeque about to destroy some hotdogs and potato salad (you look like a pretentious douche Chad, this is why no one invites you to game night). You might not want to bring a case of Keystone to your boss’s Christmas party in his $600,000+ home. When making a drink selection you have to think about that balance. You can have beer at a Christmas party and wine at a barbeque, you just have to learn to balance what you need and want with the atmosphere. For example, instead of bringing a case of Keystone, maybe bring a 6 or 12 pack of bottles of a local craft beer or a seasonal variety pack of something like Sam Adams. Instead of drinking a bone dry red with those hot dogs, maybe try a nice dry white or some sangria.

Tonight we are going for a beverage that suits not only my mood and current needs, but also the atmosphere I am in at this time. My mood right now is relieved and thoroughly exhausted because having a baby teething sucks but having a toddler get their molars is an intense ordeal that involves very little sleep for anyone. Now add that to 4th of July weekend with fireworks randomly going off all over the neighborhood and my super awesome new neighbors blasting music until after 1am (seriously it’s a fucking weeknight you god damn assholes, I will hide many alarm clocks in your home and set them for all sorts of random hours so you can experience sleep deprivation with me). My current needs are sleep and to punch that neighbor in the kidney a few times. Seriously, it’s a week night, people have to work, shut off the damn music you stupid hillbilly! I digress; the point is that you need to find a beverage to suit your needs and the atmosphere. For me that balance is struck by a cosmopolitan. Yes I know, you thought you were getting a wine review, instead you get a cosmopolitan review. Life is handing you a lemon.

Ingredients: Cranberry juice, triple sec, limes, and vodka.

I used Sky Blood Orange Vodka. Typically I use something a little higher shelf but my husband likes screwdrivers and he drinks mixed drinks the way you drink water at the finish line of a race, so I bought this instead. The trick to a perfect Cosmo is fresh limes. I didn’t feel like muddling- the lime wedge and I didn’t want to dirty a shaker so I just made it in the martini glass. Squeeze the lime wedge, pour vodka and triple sec, top with cranberry juice. You’ll want ¼ of the lime as a wedge. 3 shots of vodka, 1 shot of triple sec, and add cranberry to your taste preference. It was delicious and I ended up having 3 while my wonderful husband and I binge watched Homeland because our son finally went to sleep. The sweet and tart balance of this beverage is exactly what I needed in my life. The blood orange vodka makes the Cosmo a little sweeter than a normal Cosmo which honestly just made them go down a little smoother. This martini did an excellent job of balancing both my needs and wants, and the atmosphere I was in while consuming the cocktail. I highly recommend trying a Cosmo the next time parenting or any hectic thing in your life happens repeatedly for several days.


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