Party Time!

We made it to the weekend! Unless you work this weekend in which case you haven’t made it to your weekend but you can still use this recipe when you make it to your weekend. Although this makes a large batch of sangria so if you aren’t having friends over you’ll have to adjust the recipe. I’m getting off track.

Sangria is a wonderful sounding beverage. To me it invokes thoughts of a light refreshing mixture of fruit, wine, and liquor topped with some bubbles. This recipe is slightly different than that. This recipe is a fruity, delicious, there doesn’t taste like this has alcohol in it, where did the last 4 hours go and when did I get a tattoo kind of drink. Similar to the hangover.

Use this recipe responsibly, do not drink and drive or engage in any Brock Turner kind of bullshit with this recipe. This recipe is only designed to bring joy and a hangover.

Stephanie’s Sangria Recipe
2 Peaches
Small container of strawberries
Small pineapple or 1 can of pineapple tidbits
White Rum, get a pint not a full sized bottle
Strawberry Rum, get a big one
White Wine, regular bottle. I usually get Riesling.
2 bottles of champagne. Get something drier like a brut, this sangria is sweet enough.
White Grape Peach Juice 64fl oz. I get Wegmans brand, it’s delicious.
1 cup Peach Schnapps

Cut up peaches, strawberries and pineapple (unless you got canned pineapple then dump those in). I like to muddle some of the fruit just to get more of the fresh juices worked in.  Soak overnight in white rum in the freezer. This helps keep the sangria a little cooler.
Chill all other ingredients overnight.

Get your drink dispenser or bucket or giant punch bowl. Seriously this makes a lot of sangria. Personally with the fruit I would suggest a giant punch bowl.
Do you have your drink dispenser of choice? Good.
Into the drink dispenser you are going to add:
Bottle of Strawberry Rum
Bottle of White Wine
1 Cup of Peach Schnapps
Fruit that you let soak overnight with the rum you let it soak in
All of the White Grape Peach Juice

Now here is where it gets tricky. You have some options with the champagne. Personally I open a bottle when guests arrive and add it to the cups as the sangria is poured so it doesn’t go flat and the guests have the option of making theirs as bubbly as they would like. You can just add the bottles to your sangria now, but it will flatten out as the day goes.

It’s a great drink to serve at parties where people plan to stay or already have a DD lined up. Enjoy and be safe.


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